How do I apply for a chaperone licence?


Chaperone licences are issued by your local council, please check this information before you start applying. Whilst the production might be in one area it is YOUR address and therefore council that will issue your licence. You can work in another area with your licence.

The best way of applying is to either google “chaperone licence (your) Local council” or go straight to your council’s website and search the site. If you are unsure of your local council, follow the helpful Gov link at the bottom of the page.

Most councils have their own system and will guide you through it, but they will include applying for a DBS check. This can take at least 6 weeks, so we encourage people to apply as soon as possible. Once the DBS come through you will show this to the council and once happy all steps have been completed, they will issue a chaperone licence. The process does take some time so be prepared, you should start it as soon as you can.

You may be asked to sit through some questions about safeguarding children and the do and don’ts of chaperoning. This is all very helpful information and will come into practice whilst you are in the theatre.

We can not have DSB checked parents as helpers, they have to hold a volunteer chaperone licence.

There is a cost of roughly £25-45 to become a licenced chaperone (dependant on your local council). The licence last 3 years and can be used for many different events/theatre/schools where children are involved.

For more information about children in entertainment, the NSPCC have a helpful guide find the link below:


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